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Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday 

November 28, 2023


Give Today!


Each year SJS identifies a specific initiative that will support our community for our Giving Tuesday campaign. This year, we are updating the school’s internal communications system to allow for easier communication between classes, from the office to classrooms, and to send emergency messages out to those inside and outside the building. The current system we have in place does not allow for school-wide messages to be shared with the entire school from a classroom. Additionally, with our enrollment remaining steady above 200, necessitating the need to create additional classrooms and offices, we are maxed out on the number of phone lines allowed by the current system. Each classroom and office will receive the electronic clock displayed above, making communications seamless and consistent throughout the school. This is an important and much-needed upgrade that will help SJS utilize a more modern and effective communications tool. 

The total cost to purchase a unit for each classroom & office is approximately $35,000 and doesn't include the cost of installation. Any donation will help us make this important investment in our school's internal communications.