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Middle School

Middle School 

Grades 5-6


The middle school program at Saint John provides a nourishing, developmental safe environment for all students in 5th and 6th grade. Our program is based on our core values of Academic Excellence, Faith Development, and Community. We follow Massachusetts State Standards in English/Language Arts, Mathematics, STEM, Social Studies, Arts, Health Education and Spanish Immersion. Our teachers provide different teaching techniques and strategies to ensure all students are successfully challenged. We build community and strengthen our Faith by creating different opportunities for our older students to serve as leaders to  the younger ones, developing a sense of belonging and responsibility for our school community.


Chapel Talks 


Every year, our Grade 6 carries on a very special Saint John School tradition, Chapel Talks. The Grade 6 students have been diligently working on writing and speaking about themselves and their life experiences over the course of the past few months in their English class. Students have the wonderful opportunity to present their Chapel Talks in the church at the conclusion of our monthly all school liturgies in front of their peers, teachers, and families. The Grade 6 students have put a tremendous amount of time, thought and effort into their Chapel Talks. We are so very proud of their accomplishments and are certain that you will enjoy them as well. This tradition is just another way our community can come together and recognize the amazing accomplishments of our graduating class. 


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