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Middle School

Middle School 

Grades 5 AND 6


As students enter Middle School, they experience a growing sense of independence. The Middle School curriculum supports this developmental stage by encouraging students to look inward while also exploring the outer world in greater depth. Our curriculum and instruction inspires and engages students, and ensures that all become knowledgeable, responsible, caring and contributing members of society. Our curriculum emphasizes the growth of students in all facets as they develop skills in critical thinking and creative problem solving, to analyze and synthesize. In middle school, students cultivate and gain a  deeper understanding of themselves as individuals, community members, empathic citizens, and agents of change. 

The core subjects that students attend daily are Math, ELA, Social Studies, Religion, STEM and Spanish. Their Specials are Physical Education, Drama, Art and Music, with the additional option of joining our Band and Choir.  




Instruction and curriculum in Middle School Mathematics develops basic skills, conceptual understanding and proficiency. Grade 5 and 6 use Progress in Mathematics curriculum. The step by step lessons help students build various math skills that they will continue to use throughout their academic years. They practice these key skills in their Progress in Mathematics workbooks. Additionally, students further their mathematical knowledge through IXL, where their learning is personalized by providing individualized guidance, and real-time analytics. Our teacher ensures that every student meets grade level benchmarks, and are challenged at his or her appropriate level. 



In our English Language Arts program students engage in dynamic texts, lively classroom discussions, and foundational reading and writing experiences. In both Grades 5 and 6, students complete novels of various genres such as fiction, non-fiction, mystery, adventure and memoir, while focusing on close reading strategies such as making predictions, visualizing, and using context clues. Whole class discussions are key as we inspect the literary elements within each book such as symbolism, foreshadowing, and many more. In Writing, students work toward improving their craft through narrative, informational, memoir, literary and argumentative writing. Our program provides structure, a community learning experience, and support for all students ensuring all become strong independent readers and writers. 

Social Studies


With a focus on student-led learning and immersive activities, our Middle School Social Studies curriculum helps prepare students to be engaged and thoughtful citizens as they explore the past and present. Grade 5 dives into understanding the way in which geography has shaped the history of the United States, American Indians, explorers and colonists, as well as the road to the American Revolution. Grade 6 focuses on the study of complex societies from the past, including those of Western Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East; Sub-Saharan Africa; and Central America, the Caribbean, and South America. In Social Studies, students read, write and participate in hands-on activities in order to investigate guiding questions and engage in discussion in order to understand the history in a whole new way. 



The Middle School Religion Program provides the opportunity for our students to develop Christian values through the teaching of Catholic doctrine. It instills the knowledge and confidence to witness the truths of Jesus Christ, promote the common good, and transform society through personal and social action. Grade 5 focuses on the seven sacraments, and discuses how we receive the Holy Spirit through the celebration of each sacrament. Grade 6 focuses on the study of sacred scripture, understanding the importance of the Bible, the story of Exodus, the prophets and the New Testament. Students pray and reflect together daily, and focus on how God is with us every day. 



Our Middle School STEM curriculum helps students connect what they learn in different classes and explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math in a whole new way. Students are encouraged to explore their world around them as they think outside the box to solve problems or create something new. Grade 5 Science topics include ecosystem roles and the human impact on ecosystems, the water cycle, the relationship between the sun, moon, and Earth, and physical science including states of matter and phase changes. Grade 6 Science topics include a further exploration into the solar system and relationship between the sun, moon, and Earth, fossils and relative aging, animal and plant cells, body systems, and lastly the types of waves and behaviors of light. By engaging in STEM, students learn how to examine problems and then create a plan to solve them. Students build confidence and resilience, as they experiment and take risks during their STEM activities.



Spanish is designed to introduce students to the language and culture of Spanish speaking regions across the world, while providing opportunities for application of vocabulary through conversation and student interaction. Spanish proficiency is growing in Middle School and students are developing reading and writing skills in addition to their oral skills. Students participate in activities such as writing short paragraphs, role-playing, playing games, reading, projects and conversations. In Grade 5 and 6 students are learning greetings, the calendar and holidays, family, daily activities and hobbies, food, places, time, animals and their habitats, and news. As students progress through middle school proficiency will progress as more vocabulary and advanced grammar is introduced over time.