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Meet Our Coaches


  Odessa Sanchez

Graduate of Boston University Medical School of Biomedical Studies, Sanchez is currently the head coach of Wellesley High School's Cheer Team and has been since 2015. Sanchez is the former cheer director for South End Titans Pop Warner Cheer Organization, a dedicated community volunteer and a female empowerment advocate. She has served as an innovator of school spirit, mentor of sportsmanship and accountability, and a very capable instructor of cheer and spirit leading.
Community Investors' Girl Power Hour Volunteer 2015-Present 
Community Investor's Teen Center Event Double Dutch Instructor 2015-Present 
WHS Varsity Cheer Team Director & Head Coach 2015-Present
Wellesley Middle School Cheer Club Mentor & Advisor 2016
NYCC Cheerleading Certification 2018-2019
NYCC Cheer Coach Certification 2015-2016
NFHS Appearance and Performance Enhancing Drug and Substances 
NFHS CDC Concussion in Sports 2018
NFHS COVID-19 for Coaches and Administrators  9.23.2020

  Erin McGovern 

Graduating from Marist College with an Athletic Training Degree, McGovern has always had a passion for Cheerleading. McGovern cheered all throughout her career at Natick High and was voted captain her senior year. She continued on to cheer at Marist College for 2 years. McGovern then continued to work at Towson High School in Towson, MD as the Athletic Trainer. Later McGovern went on to be an Assistant Athletic Trainer at Holy Cross, where she assisted the Girl's Cheerleading team. Last year McGovern had the pleasure to work with the cheerleading team at Saint John School and is excited to continue this season! 

  Olivia Alcott

Alcott is the 5th and 6th grade Math Teacher at Saint John School. She graduated from Salve Regina University with her bachelor of science in Elementary and Special Education. Alcott was a competitive gymnast throughout high school at Planet Gymnastics of Natick and as a captain of the Natick High School gymnastics team. She has been coaching gymnastics for 6 years, from preschool level gymnastics all the way up through competitive team gymnastics. This is her first year coaching Cheer at Saint John's and she is very excited to be joining the team!
USA gymnastics certified instructor

  Alexandra Ranucci 

Ranucci is one of the Grade 1 Teacher at Saint John School. She graduated from University of Massachusetts Boston with her bachelor’s degrees in Elementary Childhood Education. She did pop-warner cheerleading during her childhood in Natick MA. Her passion for team sports continued all the way through college and to this day. This is her third year coaching Cheer at Saint John School.
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