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Annual Fund




Dear Saint John School Family and Friends,
As we kick-off our 2022 Saint John School Annual Fund campaign, we cannot help but be grateful for our recent success. While many schools struggled to adapt to an evolving landscape over the past two years, Saint John School’s dedicated administrators, gifted faculty, resilient children, and supportive parents have answered the countless challenges put in front of us. Together, we continue to successfully focus on our pillars of academic excellence, faith development, and strong community. This success has also led to stronger financial health. Over the past two years we have grown enrollment to a level that comfortably sustains annual operating expenses. Importantly for our future, the retention rate of these new students has been high. In addition, we have successfully grown the school’s operating and capital reserves to appropriate levels. This provides the school the wherewithal to address future, unforeseen operating shortfalls, or required capital expenses.
While we are heartened by our recent momentum, complacency is the enemy of progress. Historically, the tuition we collected did not fully cover the cost to educate our children; a reality that has become more the rule than the exception with parochial education. It is for this reason, the money raised from the Annual Fund has been used to subsidize the general operating shortfall of the school. Thankfully, that is not the case today. This year, we have the exciting opportunity to use the Annual Fund as a tool to invest in the school’s future rather than as a tool to simply sustain its present. We humbly ask you to consider helping us seize this opportunity.
The theme for the 2022 Annual Fund is “Reach New Heights”. This year’s fundraising effort is focused on a special project that will literally help our children “reach new heights”. In the most recent Parent and Teacher surveys sent out by the Saint John School Advisory Board, one of the areas cited as most needing improvement was the school’s existing playground structure. It is outdated, in need of repair, and not adequate to serve the needs of the entire student body ranging from Pre-School to Grade 6.
This year, the proceeds from the 2022 Annual Fund will be used to purchase and install a new playground for our entire student population.
This opportunity is an investment that will allow all our children to stretch their imaginations, expand their creativity, and develop their social skills in a safe and playful way. It is an opportunity for them to “reach new heights” as they explore varying experiences, such as an obstacle course, slides, and climbing structures. We look forward to sharing with you some renderings of this new playground structure in future, Annual Fund communications.  
We ask you to consider a gift in support of this wonderful initiative. Your support will bring learning and enjoyment to hundreds of SJS students of all ages. It will help our children “Reach New Heights” in their social and emotional experiences. Gifts may be made online via the school’s website at or you may drop it off at the front desk with Ms. Greco. Please make your donation before June 30, the end of our fundraising year. Either way, your support of this special opportunity is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your generosity.
In gratitude,
Bryan and Andrea Belton      
2022 Annual Fund Chairs     
Siobhan Mahoney
Father James Laughlin