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● Specialists include Music, Art, STEM, Spanish, Physical Education, Technology, and Library
● Specialists will provide a variety of enjoyable and interesting enrichment activities to supplement the
academic instruction provided by each teacher remotely. The activities are available in an on demand
format on a grid that is updated continuously by each specialist and which provides easy access for
students and parents. This format allows for access to the activities without interfering with other online
instructional activities that are being provided. The performance of students in special subjects will be
designated as “not assessed” (n/a) on report cards.
● Specialist activities are listed on the school website, the SJS app, or in teacher communications. 


● Mr. Pope has been providing numerous musical activities for students including: lessons involving
music & movement, famous composers, topics in music history & theory, and much more! Students in
grades 2 through 6 have the opportunity to meet once a week on Zoom for a half hour music class. In
addition, Mr. Pope has been visiting classes during some of their scheduled classroom Zoom meetings.
Band students have the opportunity to meet once a week on Zoom for a one-on-one or small group
lesson. Mr. Pope is also planning to begin virtual rehearsals for all choir members.
● All information for the music program can be found in the “Specialist Enrichment Activities” document.
When clicking the link to Mr. Pope’s weekly activities , lesson plans, music videos, worksheets &
activities, and Zoom schedules can be found. New assignments & activities are posted every Monday.
Students are encouraged to share anything musical that they are doing at home, such as playing
instruments or singing songs. Feel free to reach out to Mr. Pope with any questions
( )


● Mrs. Hicks is continuing to engage her art students through her Art Blog where she posts a variety of
art-making activities each week to help kids and families be creative at home.
● There are links to step-by-step drawing and painting tutorials, links to famous artists and
author/illustrators and indoor and outdoor craft ideas.
● Mrs. Hicks posts lessons that are differentiated and vary in style and challenge level so as to be
accessible to students in grades K-6.
● Students are invited to share their creations with Mrs. Hicks via email ( ) and
they will be posted to the ongoing Student Gallery.
● Mrs. Hicks is also visiting with her art students through their scheduled classroom Zooms every week
and loves to engage with them and see what they have created! 


● STEM Journal will be posted every month in Google Slides format. Using the STEM Journal, students
will watch the videos, design blueprints of their prototypes and record testing results.
● STEM worksheets and activities will be posted weekly in the shared Google Drive. Students are
encouraged, but not required, to complete one of the worksheets or activities each week.
● Educational videos and games can be found in the shared Google Drive as well.
● Zoom meetings will be scheduled with each grade through the homeroom teacher. During this
time, Ms.Ryoo will share fun science experiments and lead discussion questions.
● Any questions are to be directed to Ms.Ryoo via email : . 


● Señora Doglioli has been providing videos, songs and worksheets per grade level in her Spanish Google
Classroom K-4 . Every week Señora posts activities and videos for each grade so the students can
practice Español each week with a different activity.
● In addition Señora visits classes during their scheduled Zoom meetings in order to interact with the
● All the information to access the Spanish Google Classroom is on the “ Specialist Enrichment
Activities” document. You may need to add the code: m62vjn6 to access the Google Classroom if your
student does not already have a Google account.
● Señora would love to see the students’ work so please feel to submit them on Google Classroom or
email them to Señora at 

Physical Education

● Workouts and activity suggestions for each class are posted on Monday morning via Flipgrid. The
login information is listed on the Specialist Document which was shared earlier this month.
● The curriculum will focus on physical literacy, functional fitness/wellness, and purposeful games.
● Mrs. Corliss’s office hours are Monday through Thursday between 7am and 3pm.
● In addition to any weekly offerings outlined on Flipgrid, students are also encouraged to visit
GoNoodle and FitnessBlender for workouts as desired.
● Zoom meetings will be scheduled with each grade through the homeroom teacher.
● Pre-recorded lessons to introduce new concepts or skills will be posted on Flipgrid weekly.
● Instructions for return of any homework will be given with the pre-recorded lesson.
● A weekly activity log for each student in grades 2-6 is requested, this will be provided on the
Flipgrid for each class.
● Any questions are to be directed to Mrs. Corliss via email, . 


● Students are encouraged to practice keyboarding skills to improve accuracy and speed.
● Mr. Timberlake will continue to collaborate with homeroom teachers to integrate technology with
classroom instruction needs and priorities.
● Working with teachers, Mr. Timberlake will schedule time for classes to meet using Zoom/Google
Meet and will provide a technology activity to complete during the school week for students.
● He is available to help students via Google Classroom , Class Code aznw4u3 with any questions
during the school day or via email, 


● Ms. J. Read Alouds : Ms. J. is posting new picture and chapter book read alouds regularly.
● PreK-2: Visit the Virtual Library to find book recommendations, free ebook and audio resources and
author read-alouds and activities.
● 3-6: Visit the Virtual Library for STEM and Maker Space activity ideas along with book
recommendations and websites offering free online resources (ebooks, audio books and databases for
● Ms. J. is joining some class Zoom calls to read a story, talk about poetry or share about new books and
author read-alouds and activities