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Kindergarten through Grade 4


● Mondays live whole group ZOOM classroom mtg. 11:30 AM– 12:00 PM including prayer & share
● Additional small group ZOOM meeting reading groups Tuesdays & Thursdays by group level
● Pre-recorded daily videos for read-aloud books; language arts including Fundations Unit #3 CVC words,
phonics, word families and poetry workbook lessons
● Continuation of programs including Writer’s Workshop, Progress in Mathematics program and social
studies pre-recorded videos to introduce new content with written assignments as follow-up
● Raz-Kids leveled reading, and IXL language arts and math on-line programs with diagnostic progress
data available to teacher to track/assess child’s progress
● Communication with parents via email or phone-calls on a regular basis or as needed for extra help
● Parents drop-off finished work for teacher review or scan and e-mail to teacher
● In addition to Reading, Writer’s Workshop, Religion, Math, Social Studies all specialist classes (art,
library, Spanish, STEM and physical education) will post K-level activities
● Leveled guided reading twice per week live with teacher to assess student fluency and comprehension.
(Individual student readings arranged if child cannot attend a small group session)
● Daily checklist/schedule of instructional videos, readings and materials provided
● Recommended time allotments for each activity or video to help students to attend
● Teacher availability Monday - Friday 7:30 AM - 3:00 PM 

Grade 1

● Daily check sheets are provided for the week on Monday, with activities in each subject area.
● Daily emails with a Morning Message, that includes a review of the assignments, and helpful reminders
for the students
● Instructional videos, information, and tips are provided for the parents and students to help understand
the content and complete the assignments.
● Teacher recorded videos will be sent out on Mondays and Fridays to open and close the week
● Tuesday and Thursday whole-group Zoom meetings from 11:30-12:10, with a specialist teacher joining
as a “special guest” at the end of each meeting
● Wednesday small-group Zoom meetings, during which the teacher provides individual feedback and
support. Other small group or individual meetings may be held on Mondays and Fridays for additional
● Students continue to use all of the academic programs, including Journeys (reading), Fundations
(phonics), Progress in Mathematics, Writer’s Workshop, and We Believe (religion).
● Online programs will be used to support instruction by providing additional practice activities. For math
and language arts the students are using IXL, and for leveled reading they are using Raz Kids
● Student work is assessed by the work completed on remote learning programs, completed work that is
dropped off at SJS, or photographs of completed work sent by email. The students also share completed
work samples during Zoom meetings
● Specialist activities are posted weekly for students and families in an online collective. They are also
included in the first grade daily check sheet for convenience
● Teacher support is available daily during school hours and evenings. Parents are welcome to reach out
for any reason via email at 

Grade 2

● Lessons will continue to be provided through STOP/DROP or via mail. The lesson plans for the week
will continually be supplied electronically on Sunday afternoon. These lessons cover all subjects in a
typical day for each day of the week. When each subject is completed, the students have a check-off line
to assist them in keeping track of completed work. The subjects presented each day are Religion,
Phonics, Reading, English, Math, Penmanship, and Specialists.
● Embedded into the students’ weekly lessons are activities from their Library, Spanish, P.E., Music,
STEM, Technology, and Art teachers. The lessons provided by each teacher may be found on the
Specialist Web page.
● Additional: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I will hold office hours for parents/students. This will
include working in small groups via Zoom at 11:00,12:00, and 1:00. The class is divided over the three
Zoom sessions.
● Tuesday and Thursday “live” Zoom with the whole class 11:00-11:40.
● Zoom will continue to include prayer, review of challenging areas, ixl, Epic, and other class concerns. A
guest teacher (specialist) will often join our meetings.
● The students will continue to be engaged on their iXL online accounts for language arts, math, science,
and social studies. This is either for enjoyment or assigned lessons.
● Students will continue to use their online account with Epic to challenge their reading for pleasure or to
use with an assignment.
● Parents may scan, take pictures of completed assignments and send them to my email or return the
assignments at our Stop and Drop. In addition some may wish to mail the materials directly to my home
● I will be available to parents and students during regular school day hours to answer questions or
concerns. Monday to Friday 7:30-3:00.
● I encourage parents and students to reach out to me at any given time at 

Grade 3

● Live Zoom meeting Monday-Friday 9:00- 9:45
● Daily assignments in all content areas posted on Google Classroom
● Daily lesson supports posted in Google Classroom for students to use while working: videos, Google Docs, Brainpop, Google Slides, Kahoot, etc
● Daily review and introduction of new assignments and concepts
● Students contact teacher via Google Classroom and/or email
● Students share completed work via Google Docs and IXL. Parents share children’s work via scanned pictures and email
● Teacher support available to students and parents via email and phone conversation
● Specialists will provide weekly third grade activities that are available on the specialists’ page
● Specialists often join Zoom meetings to check-in, introduce activities, and answer questions
● Teacher available Monday- Friday during the regular school hours 

Grade 4

● Monday-Friday live Zoom 10:00-11:00, oftentimes with a specialist visitor.
● Zoom sessions to teach new concepts, mainly in math, reading, and writing.
● Virtual Office Hours and small group time will be held on Mondays and Thursdays from 1:00-2:00.
This is a time for kids to pop on Zoom to get help with work, ask questions, work in small groups, or quietly do work while others are around. This is not a social time unless specifically stated as such.
● Assignments in all content areas are given daily via a morning message on the 4th grade Google Drive, and assigned and collected in SeeSaw.
● New material will be introduced in all subject areas.
● Video lessons will be available on SeeSaw when needed.
● Students will be directed to use the Specialist Enrichment page on the day that they have that particular special.
● I will be available via email M-F during regular school hours for any questions/concerns.